Let's Talk About: One Direction Street Style

As if I don't love the boys enough, all these photos are surfacing of them on their time off from touring back in Europe, and their street style is making me fall for them even more (is that even possible?)  So, here are some of my favorite looks. 

1. You tell 'em,  Zayn.

2. The lads hanging out... so adorable... CAN'T TAKE IT. Love the colors they're wearing and Niall's silly tee shirt! Also, is that a very stoned tired Zayn in the background?
3. It PAYNEs (get it?)  me to say this, but I actually approve of Louis' girlfriend, Eleanor.  They just dress so adorably together!  Actually... I don't really like Louis' outfit here BUT I absolutely love Eleanor's!

4. His shirt says what we're all thinking.
One Direction's Zayn Malik leaving sony in london july 2012 

5. Harreh wearing a random Ohio tank top and making it look like couture as he oozes hottness. Let's just hope that "Harry always wears a beanie the day after he's slept with someone" rumor is NOT true. 
Making sweet music: Harry was leaving his hotel to go to rehearsal with the rest of the band 

Excuse me while I sit in a corner and cry because these stylish boys that I fancy so much will never be mine.  Listen to my latest (obviously One Direction) cover while you're at it! xxxx


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