Happy Presidents' Day!

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Today started wonderfully: being rudely awoken by the fire alarm and having to evacuate the building (which was pretty funny because it was probably the only time that the population of FIT has ever been seen/will ever be seen un-put-together and in their PJs) and then having a crappy belly ache.  But, then Alissa and Cameron came bearing THIN MINTS! Such good siblings!! 

Me and Eve sharing a drink and looking geek chic.
What I'm wearing: Skull&roses scarf turned headband, Mario tee shirt and (hidden), jeans with black patent Docs. 
What Eve's Wearing: PIKACHU tee shirt, and (hidden) ripped jeans with black classic Docs.

And CAMERON'S FIRST INSTAGRAM PHOTO of me and Aliss hangin in the dorm.
What Alissa is wearing: Cropped knit tee and American Apparel disco pants which I WANT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!
Now excuse me while I stuff my face with Thin Mints and write a paper

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