Real Life Barbies & Body Cages

So today I got to help dress models for presenting Victoria Beckham's line and her contemporary line Victoria to buyers and such. It was pretty playing with life size Barbies dressing them up in cute clothes.  This was one of my favorites:

K now let's talk about my obsession with CHROMAT. I first discovered them in the lingerie section of Barney's a few months ago. Now, they've expanded their line for the new season and I am in LOVE. The cage look is one of my favorites and these pieces are all so unique. Not to mention, Allison Harvard aka one of my fave ANTM contestants EVER. Finally I see her doing something other than shoots on the show, she sooo deserves it!!!!

Love the garters.  OBSSSSESSSSSED with the thigh highs.


PERFECT bustier

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