Photoshoots, Pokemon, & Dinosaurs

This weekend was so great...despite the unexpected super winds and cold temperature.  
  1.  I took a visit to TOKYO TOY  downtown with my friend Sean.  We freaked out over all the stuff there and I made one of my best purchases to date. A PIKACHU BACKPACK.  I get sooooo many comments on this, from little kids and adults alike.  It's sooo hilarious.
2.   I had two photo shoots that I cannot wait to share with you guys.  Here is a sneak peek at my outfit and make-up look for one of the shoots. 

3. Found out Forever 21 Times Square is open until 2AM... went night shopping with the roomie.  Even better, found an old gift card with money on it so I was actually able to buy some stuff! (Including studded bracelet and lace tank top shown in photos above). Came home to feast on ice cream, just to drop the carton in my hall and make a huge mess and break out in hysterics and be stared down by a confused RA.

4. Had a visit from my girl Kathreen from Pratt. Caught up & had TWO BROTHERS PIZZA, our fave.

5. Went to the Museum of Natural History with the infamous Stephen Le Vegan.  Yes, I wore my pikachu backpack there.

And now... my four day weekend has ended.  Time to go to class for three days then SPRING BREAK! 


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