Happy belated Easter to those of you who celebrate! Hope you all enjoyed lots of candy, long church services, and family gatherings... I know I did! If it was acceptable, I would've totally taken pics of peoples' outfits at church.  My favorite look was a little boy killing two SS2012 trends with one stone... or..one shirt.  COLOR BLOCKING PASTEL BUTTON UP.  I don't think he knew how stylish he was.  And then there was the old lady with a knit hand warmer on her walker that matched her pastel sweater...that was pretty cute.  

Anyway, here's what I wore: Dress from Grandma's closet & customized Wal-Mart combat boots. PS my chihuahuas are SO beautiful, right?!

 And here is my earlier mentioned grandma, aka NANNY or YETTA <3
 Last but not least, here I am FINALLY drinking my first Diet Coke in 40 days.  WOOOOO ASPARTAME

And here's a song, because over the past week I've become OBSESSED with these boys!


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