Cinco de Friendos and Bleacho

You guys know me, always doing questionable things to my appearance on whims.... so yesterday I went to PLATINUM SALON in Chelsea (they were awesome, I recommend!) and bleached my eyebrows...with the following mentality.  1. If I look ugly I can just color over them 2. I could look like an alienesque model maybe 3. YOLO.

In the process....

 Annnnd the end result!! I like it....but only some others seem to appreciate the look.  But whatever! "Love thyself... your opinion of yourself matters most, etc"

So theeeenn I slept over @ Pratt for the last time in my old dorm... sad.  We went out to dinner with a bunch of people and I had the largest serving of nachos on the planet in celebration of CINCO DE MAYO.  Then me and Emily slept forever and ever and then eventually woke up and had a lovely breakfast and then met up with some other people and then we discovered a SEE SAW. 

Me & E. Skeletal looking cute

Why must my stray forehead curl ruin this cute seesaw photo?!

Then, we went to a fry place and TRASH AND VAUDEVILLE obv me and Em's favoooorrite store! Nothing was bought, but we were hyperventilating at the awesome clothes.  After that, they went back to Brooklyn and I headed back uptown to a rooftop Cinco de Mayo/Birthday party with my BFFs Alissa & Roon.  The view was seriously amazing.  But Aliss couldn't look down because it made her tummy feel weird.

Whoever doesn't live in NYC is seriously missing out. 

BFFs on a roof

Sistas trying to be Kawaii but not really getting there.... 
(Alissa wears H&M leather jacket, F21 crop sweater, Michael Kors pocketbook, American Apparel pants, and spiked POSH flats. I wear F21 earring, H&M leather jacket, basic tank, Necessary Objects shorts, thigh highs, and flatforms)

So happy Cinco de Mayo everybody.... eat lots and lots of chips and guac and remember: beans are the magical fruit.


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