Miley Cyrus: Style Icon Getting MARRIED

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I don't care what people say- I love Miley Cyrus. She gets so much hate for basically everything and   now that she and Liam Hemsworth are getting married I'm sure there will be plenty more haters all around.  Personally, I have always LOOOOVED them as a couple.  Their wedding will be amazing and I am dying to see what her dress will be, OMG.  So I am taking the time to declare my love and appreciation for her & her style.

1. Her tattoos. Adorable and meaningful (for the most part)
Cross and Heart Miley Hand Tattoos

2. Her body/body confidence. Anytime a semi clothed picture of her comes out everyone FREAKS OUT because she's a "slut." She decides to not wear a bra? Whatever. A little side boob never hurt anyone.  Work it, Miles.  If you got it, flaunt it, girls!
miley cyrus side boob sex scene virginity
Miley Cyrus Ends the Year in a Bikini | miley cyrus

4. Her clothes. Just. Ugh.

5.  Her BF  Fiance! (Thank you, Last Song)

6. Her music. I like it.  Get over it.


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