Photoshoots, Photoshoots, More Photoshoots!

I've been continuing to work with such awesome photographers since the last post I did about my modeling, so I figured I'd share a few of the latest photos with you guys and talk about the styling! Also, I'll be on Discovery Channel on Sunday at 10...look out!

Photo by
American Apparel Overalls

Photo by x
Vintage Betsey Johnson Dress

Photo by
Express jacket and jeans, H&M tank top, Forever 21 heels

Photo, Jewelry, and Tutu by
Victoria's Secret Bikini Top

Photo by FIT's Meg Farrel
American Apparel Shirt

And THESE are from the VANS GIRLS BLOG! Photos by Alyson Romanok and all clothes are obviously Vans :) See the full post here -
Alright, that's enough for now! I need to get off the computer because my eyes are messed up because I got those eye drops that dilate your pupils and make you kind of blind.  At least I got some free cool roll up sunglasses out of it....

And I leave you with a song by Third Eye BLINDDDD. (Get it? hahahahahaha)

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