Babysitting in Brooklyn Part 2

I babysat again this whole week, and honestly, it's been like I'm a little kid again! Going to playgrounds and public pools, playing boardgames, and watching Disney Channel.  Not that I'm complaining...
Here are some photos from the week.

Still not sick of the views from the Promenade.

 Playground Fun Time

Public pools are disgusting, but I've never been in one that's next door to the Brooklyn Bridge. (I'm wearing a J. Crew swimsuit)

I spent some time working on this "journal"... I definitely recommend it! (Forever 21 stud bracelet, unknown skull bracelet, Vintage buckle bracelet)
 Casually laying on the floor during down time. (Cut up GaGa tee shirt turned tank top, street vendor spike bracelet, Levi high waist shorts)
 Pier 6 Brooklyn, being touristy.  (DIY spiked headband, Sanrio tee shirt, Material Girl, Converse High Tops)

And my favorite photo last, this little one decided to give my glasses a go.  HE ROCKS THEM!

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