Babysitting in Brooklyn

So, I just started babysitting these two ADORABLE kids...and they're from the UK! So awesome.  Luckily, they're angels and I have fun with them.  Today, we got some Starbucks and then went down to the Promenade, where I had never been before (it was beautiful!) I also found a street vendor that was selling spike bracelets and earrings and necklaces galore for 3 for $5.  INSANE! I got 6 new things, y'all will be seeing 'em soon!

What I wore: Forever 21 Maxi Dress, Charlotte Russe sandals, H&M earrings, vintage watch, street vendors spike bracelet, unknown necklace.  

Oh, and it was Friday the 13th today.  Lucky for me, I had no horrible occurrences and my day was quite lovely! Hope everyone else survived! xxxx

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