Nobody Can Be Exactly Like You

My day consisted of: cleaning/organizing my room and bathroom, playing ukulele, running to a couple of stores, picking up Chinese food, and then going to 7-11 and fan-girling with my gurl Diana over Diet Coke and Vanilla Cappuccinos.  

I also finished my latest DIY project, studding my oxfords I bought from work! And here's what I did with them! (The one on the right was how they originally looked.  Much better on the left, eh?)
 What I wore them with: DIY Spiked headband, Forever 21 varsity jacket, Black Matter Tank Top, and Hollister denim shorts.

Starr got cold later in the night, so Diana dressed her in my jacket.  So stylish!
 Loved my fortune I got with my take-out!
I also got crafty while cleaning my room and made a little canopy of some sorts.  It's Starr's new bachelorette pad, she loves it (and the new 1D poster).

Usually my end-song choice has something to do with my post.... this one doesn't.  But Ed Sheeran is a lyrical genius.  Just listen.  xxxx

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