Ocean City Vacation

I have some good news to share.  1-I came home from vacation this time sunburn free thanks to frequent application of sunscreen and use of umbrellas. 2-Summer semester is FINALLY OVER and I'm rockin' a 3.7 GPA. Now that's what's up.  Now I'm back in New York, ready to REALLY start my summer, cuddling up in bed with my puppy, and showing YOU my outfits from my trip.  :)

Trademark glasses, mandatory Diet Coke, Betsey Johnson Romper, Converse Chuck Taylors.  This night, a girl on the Boardwalk told me she liked my outfit and I was like, "Thanks, it's Betsey Johnson!" and she was like, "Oh... no clue what that is."  My jaw dropped.  How do you not know the queen that is Betsey? Oh well.

Me and Eve on the beach (coated in sunscreen!) I am wearing an Old Navy (?!) top and a Victoria's Secret Bottom.  And obviously drinking Diet Coke.

And later that night, I had never seen such a beautiful sky.  Pastel paradise!

Pac Sun monokini.  I played football on the beach with this on.  'Twas awkward.  

Miley Cyrus was my inspiration for this look! American Apparel do-it-all braid as headband, Dad's flannel, Hanes mens' tank, Material Girl shorts, Charlotte Russe sandals.  Also, this night I faced my fear again and went on my second roller coaster! AHH!
And the last days' outfit... Urban Outfitters hat, Forever 21 tank, 99 cent store slap bracelet, Hollister Shorts, Charlotte Russe sandals (I DIDN'T HAVE ROOM TO PACK SHOES OKAY) 

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