Besties in BK

Yesterday my friends Mella, Tiffany, and I took a trip to Brooklyn.  It was a long day full of lots of walking and creepy locals, but so fun!

I WORE: H&M tank, H&M skirt, H&M bag DIY spiked by Mella, Bakers heels, and street vendor jewelry.
MELLA WORE: Vintage Dior tank, DIY shorts, Vintage Ray Bans, Target sandals, and too much jewelry to identify.
TIFFANY WORE:  Pac Sun shirt, Abercrombie shorts, and Bakers heels.

Tiff and I got the same shoes (in the same size..twins) from Bakers.  We loved them so much that we wore them out of the store! (Stole this pic from Mel's instagram..thanks!)

This pink sequin skirt made me feel like a Barbie doll.  But my accessories said otherwise ;p
Mella looking fab in the shoe store.

 We went back to the Promenade at night time and saw this... INCREDIBLE. 

I slept in till 3:30 today.. ridiculous! Now I'm off to yoga class to make up for being a lazy butt today.  Here's a random song I've been digging lately.  Enjoy! xxxx

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