DIY Union Jack Sneakers

So, these sneakers were hand-me-downs from my big sis.  They were nice and all for a while, but as you all may or may not know, I must change things up rather frequently.  I dug around for some paint and brushes and decided to Brit-ify the shoes.  My UK born grandma was super proud of them ;)

Wanna copy me? Go for it.
1. Lay out newspaper.  Things are gonna get messy, and you can use the paper as a palate for your paint ( I used acrylic paint that said permanent and water proof).
 2. If you're a perfectionist, mark out where you want the lines that make up the flag to be.  If you're not (like me) then just go right ahead and free-hand the big white lines with a bigger brush.

3. Use a smaller brush to make the red smaller lines.

4. Let them dry for a bit and then wear them to your grandma's house.  Having a tea party is optional, but recommended. 

And here's my latest cover... Cute Without The "E" by Taking Back Sunday.. One of my all time favorite songs! xxxx


  1. Oh my god. You're so talented.

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