DIY Union Jack Sneakers

So, these sneakers were hand-me-downs from my big sis.  They were nice and all for a while, but as you all may or may not know, I must change things up rather frequently.  I dug around for some paint and brushes and decided to Brit-ify the shoes.  My UK born grandma was super proud of them ;)

Wanna copy me? Go for it.
1. Lay out newspaper.  Things are gonna get messy, and you can use the paper as a palate for your paint ( I used acrylic paint that said permanent and water proof).
 2. If you're a perfectionist, mark out where you want the lines that make up the flag to be.  If you're not (like me) then just go right ahead and free-hand the big white lines with a bigger brush.

3. Use a smaller brush to make the red smaller lines.

4. Let them dry for a bit and then wear them to your grandma's house.  Having a tea party is optional, but recommended. 

And here's my latest cover... Cute Without The "E" by Taking Back Sunday.. One of my all time favorite songs! xxxx