Starting Off The Semester Right

A Few days ago I moved into my new dorm! This is my favorite part of the semester -dorm decorating. Check out what I did to the room with my new roommate Alexa!  We still aren't over our amazing view.

PS I totally DIYed those frames.  And yes, that is a mini McQueen Armadillo shoe.  

After settling in the room, we went for a bit of exploring.  We found an awesome diner and Alexa channeled her inner photographer.  Stole this from her instagram because it's so awesome.  (I'm wearing DIY Sublime Shirt,  Hurley Flannel (Around my waist 90's grunge style... and I was matching Alexa..awkward) and True Religion Jeans

Today was my first day of class. So far so good! And here's what I wore: H&M ring, forever 21 bracelet, Go Jane tee shirt, h&m shorts, thigh highs,  Foc Marten (ha, fake doc martens) combat boots.

Raise a Diet Coke and let's have a toast to a new semester of fabulous outfits, learning, and living in NYC!  ...and here's my latest cover.. back to One Direction! xxxx

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