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I have been lusting for these leggings since I first laid eyes on them... a while ago.  A fleeting sale on the Black Milk website allowed me to finally purchase these babies, and one of my first days of classes was definitely one of the best times to wear them for the big reveal.  Needless to say, when I got caught in the pouring rain walking on the street (to a boutique in the meatpacking district to analyze garments for Product Development Class-how awesome is fashion school?!) I was very worried for the well being of my Black Milk galaxies... but they made it through ;)

What I Wore: H&M Tank, Victoria's Secret PINK Bra (peeking out on the side), Black Milk leggings, Foc Marten combat boots with DIY lace laces, Forever 21 stud bracelet, vintage rings.

^paper doll Ashleys^

And here is a lovely Instagram photo of what I saw this morning when I left my dorm at 6AM.  Eek!

Must get back to my homework now! xxxx

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