Gothic Harajuku

My roommate and I are lucky enough to have 3 days weeks, and that means four day weekends.  Today, on our monday off, we've been having a somewhat lazy/somewhat productive day of tea parties, art supply shopping, and homework in between.  But just because I'm not doing anything special doesn't mean I'm not gonna sport an awesome outfit!  I've also been dying to wear these jeans I finished DIYing (ha ha).  

I wore: H&M Lace Button Down shirt, Victoria's Secret Pink Bra, DIY studded jeans, Frada flatforms- and double buns, our weird new thing.

Alexa wore: H&M vest, Roxy Tank, Express Skirt -- and double buns.  #outofalateninetiesmusicvideo
 Detail of the studs
 Our new tea pot from my Nanny.  So cute, right?!

Speaking of the 90s.... xxxx

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