Music, Coffee, and Blazers Make For Better Days

The end of the semester is drawing near, and I have a million final projects to do, papers to write, and so on. Luckily, I have remained sane enough to stay out of sweatpants (As Karl Lagerfeld says, "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat") and continue to wear cute clothes.  I attribute my sanity to coffee runs before class with my lovely friend Saige and late night jam sessions with my roommate...Thanks ladies!

Miley Cyrus/Max Azria Blazer, H&M Tank, Zara Leggings, Walmart Combat Boots, Forever 21 Bracelet

After a (pretty long) hiatus from making covers on my YouTube channel... I'm backkkk! ;) xxxx

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  1. Hi:)
    First i just have to say: J'adore your dip Dye. I have always believed that dipdye is for tiny blond girls who think its pretty to have pink hair when its summer. Never have I considered blue/grei dipdye. Its kind of more elegant then Pink... I Have black/brown/red hair( a mix between norwegian and african:P) Do you think I should get som winered stripes? Just a thought:)

    Second: You live in NY? I LOVE NY SO MUCH! Where in new york do you live?
    Could you tell me a little about Soho? My mother says its an artist part of the town, is that right?

    Last but not least: Have you ever eaten a corn dog? I watch smosh and they always make fun of us Europeans that dont have corndog(those bastard:P)

    If you want to Chek(<-- did i wrote that rigth?) out my blog, i`d be very glad:)
    Xoxo: Norwegian reader