Fashion Unicorn's Highlights of 2012

I'm a party pooper.  I've never really enjoyed New Years Eve and I think it's overrated.  One thing that I don't think is overrated, though, is reminiscing and being grateful for the good times you've had in the past...which is something you don't even have to wait for a new year to do.  But while I'm at it, might as well go for it now, right?

~~Highlights of 2012~~

Making the decision to transfer to FIT and getting to live with this amazing girl!

 Interning at Victoria Beckham for Fashion Week

Facing my fears & going on my first BIG GIRL amusement park ride

 Living with yet another amazing roommate, always having a laugh!
 New York Comic Con!

My television debut on Law & Order SVU ... and working on lots of other shows that will air soon!

Shaving my head

Experiencing NYC night life

 Running into Taylor Momsen while shopping, her remembering me, and having a chat

 Being brave enough to finally put myself out there on YouTube...and not getting too many haters!

Falling in love with One Direction... and then seeing them live!

Just getting to live in this amazing city... and living in a place with this incredible view

AND OF COURSE, all of the times I've gotten to spend with my family and friends.  There are too many pictures/I don't even know which to choose.  

I'm probably leaving things out, but all in all, I'm grateful for all the amazing things that have happened to me this year. Let's hope 2013 is even better!! xxxx

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