Note To Self: Buy More Collared Shirts

Yesterday I wore a collared shirt (which usually feels out of character for me) for a big presentation in my product development class... AND I LIKED IT! Now I understand the hype and I need more shirts like long as I can keep them edgy ;)  

Speaking of presentations, I'm done with all my final presentations and I only have a couple final exams left.  Next week, I will have completed my requirements for my Fashion Merchandizing Management Associate's Degree!  Didn't I just start here at FIT?!  Those of you who still have a while to go, hang in there and work hard!! Then when you get straight A's, go out and buy yourselves things to celebrate.

Conway shirt, Hanes tank, DIY Studded Hollister Jeggings, Tommy Hillfiger Wedges, H&M Ring, Forever 21 Earring

Good slow study song to during crunch week! xxxx

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