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Yesterday, I was on a MISSION to get tickets to the One Direction concert. There was no way I was going to miss their biggest show yet. It was KILLING me all day having to read their tweets about how excited they were to play Madison Square Garden, knowing that I did not have tickets. Around 5PM, after I realized the Stubhub and eBay prices were not budging (I was NOT about to pay $1,000 for nosebleed seats) I had to find an alternative plan. I took my hunt to Craig's List where I frantically emailed multiple sellers and then waited for a call. A man called me back, gave me an awesome deal, and I went to meet him to pay and get the tickets. It was the most STRESSFUL hour ever. I got lost on the subways, was so nervous to meet this stranger, and he kept me waiting. My phone had no battery, so between running around and having a dead phone, I couldn't respond to anyone trying to get in touch with me (Sorry guys!) Finally, we made the exchange and I ran back home. When I met my friends at MSG shortly after, we went to the ticket scanners and were told that the tickets were counterfeit. I called the ass that scammed me, and of course he didn't answer. You can imagine how crazy I looked sitting on the floor hysterically crying. Not only did this guy steal my money, but I was also upset that I let my friends down and that I wasn't going to see this show. We had nothing. My friends went to find some way to get in to the concert, while I sat on the floor, still crying, making phone calls. A few minutes later my friends came back and said they found people selling tickets. Since I had learned my lesson, I told them we would only buy their tickets if they came with us to the ticket scanner to prove they were real. They agreed, they were real, and we got in. Our seats were SO good and SO close to the stage. My angry tears were replaced with happy ones, and very shortly, the boys came on stage. (More tears, obviously). They were beautiful and sounded perfect and I couldn't believe that I actually made it to this point. The boys obviously did not disappoint. They sounded great, they were silly, they were adorable, and they gave emotional speeches. I saw everything in REAL LIFE that I've been watching on the Internet for ages. I was even able to see HARRY'S DIMPLES from my seat. Not on the big screen, but actually on him. I SAW HIS DIMPLES. I am also pretty sure that his pants were jeggings. For the time of the concert, we were able to forget about how mad we were that Harry and Taylor are allegedly dating and all the other drama. WE WERE AT THE SHOW! They said it was without a doubt the best night of their life, and I was SO GLAD that I am able to say that I was a part of that. On top of how great the show itself was, I ended up sitting next to Brooke Shields and her kids! Also in our section was Liam's mom and 1D's amazing hairstylist, Lou Teasedale. Somehow, it seemed we ended up where their friends and family were seated. After the show, we talked to Liam's mum (we thought it was Niall's mom but today we found out it was actually Mrs. Payne..oops. Emabrassing...) Today, I still feel like all of that was not real. I'm so grateful everything worked out in the end for my friends and I. As for the loser who scammed me, he has gotten A LOT of nasty messages on his voice mail from my family and friends! ;)

 Fun lights!

LOU!!! If only Baby Lux was there!
 Giant Harry
 The boys!
 Lots of Zayns.
 'Ello Mrs. Payne!

My outfit was mildly 1D inspired- Zayn's flannel, Louis' suspenders, and Harry's white Converse!
 Thrifted Flannel, Hot Topic tank and shorts, Converse sneakers, H&M Suspenders

Here's a video from the show, though I did not take it.  I am incapable of holding a camera still.  xxxx

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