One Good Thing About Living in NYC...

In New York City you can go out at night dancing wearing whatever you want.  As long as you look ~trendy~ there are no rules.  (Unlike in high school when I got send to the principal one day for wearing shorts, thigh highs, and heels....geez)  So, here's what I wore the other night.  I was not sent to any principal ;)

Urban Outfitters men tank top, Blck Milk Suspender Leggings, and Payless (SHHHH!) Booties.  
The picture below is what happens when Alexa and I have access to an iPhone with self timer.

Here's a fun song... Enjoy! xxxx


  1. Lovin' the outfit! But I hope you had a Leather jacket or your army jacket over? Maby a little bit cold in december? Its extremly cold in Norway now and we got the Gulf Stream. It most be very cold in NY now?
    Your friend`s skirt is so adoreable! Love it!
    -Xoxo Norwegian reader:)
    Hope u can blog even more:P

    1. Hahaha I did have a leather jacket on when I went out!! It was chilllllly!!! ;) It is very cold in NY but the past couple days are super warm which is nice. xoxoxoxoxo