Bring on the Spring!

Yesterday I moved back into my midtown palace and it feels so good to be back in the city!  This morning I went out for brunch and the weather was so brutal.  It's freezing and it's so windy that my hood wouldn't even stay up.  I'm so excited for this Spring semester: taking new classes, fashion week coming up soon, and the weather getting warmer.  I'm ready for it!  But in the mean time, I think I'm going to hide in my dorm listening to Lana Del Rey, drinking tea, and staying cozy in my blankets until I have to go to class tomorrow afternoon ;)

Thrifted Sweater, Hollister collared shirt, H&M leggings, Dr. Marten boots, Harley Davidson purse, Brandy Melville ring, Love.Sex.Diamonds Fashion Lab bracelet.

This photo was from last night, sitting on my windowsill watching the sunset that I've missed so much, unwinding after a LOT of unpacking. 
Here's some Lana.... stay warm, New Yorkers! xxxx

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