Oops... I Didn't Check the Weather Today

This morning I woke up and decided I wanted to wear a dress.  It was so warm yesterday but clearly, that was a TEASE.  As soon as I left my door I froze my butt off and almost got knocked over by the wind.  But, I mean, I looked nice!

Another thing that happened was that a girl came up to me at lunch in the dining hall and asked if anyone was sitting next to me. I said, "No, come sit! And she was like,  "Oh... I just wanted to take the chair..."  It was awkward, to say the least.  

 Kimchi Blue dress, Forever 21 jacket, Betsey Johnson tights, Dr Marten boots, Forever 21 bracelet, Gothic Supply collar 

Tomorrow I'll dress warmer.... if I remember.  xxxx

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