I Love V-Day

I'll truly never get why people are so bitter about Valentine's day.  It's a day where you can give/get candy and just celebrate love!  I think it's pretty rad, but I saw lots of people sulking today and FIT had counseling center set up in the dining hall lobby, so... yeah.

 I went out to dinner with my BFF Deena who has been my long-time valentine for several years now.  We went to El Centro, a Mexican place on 54th & 9th.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

  Material Girl sweater, Black Milk leggings, Jeffrey Campbell Litas (that I DIY spiked), DIY headband, Jawbreaking & Marc Jacobs necklaces.
 Thanks for my Valentines Alexa & Deena!  Love you ladies! Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go eat all this chocolate and listen to some music! xxxx

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