A Beanie, A Diner, and A Bathroom Counter

It's funny how things work out.  Sometimes you take a figure drawing class during high school at a local college and assume you will never see your classmates again, but then one finds you on Facebook and messages you saying, "I think I saw a picture of you on stage with Taylor Momsen!" Next thing you end up texting every day and creating beautiful art together.  Wait... I guess that doesn't really happen often.  But that did happen with me and Morgan.  Here are pictures from our latest shoot: hanging out in meatpacking and in my dorm. 

Photos by Morgan Maloney
Forever 21 top, H&M shorts, Target tights, Forever 21 socks, Nike Sky-High Dunks, Forever 21 bracelet, Homemade garter, granda-knit beanie. 

And here is a lovely live performance by The Pretty Reckless. xxxx

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