Denim Shorts + Thigh Highs = The Best Combo

Shorts are to thigh highs as Oreos are to milk and as unicorns are to mermaids. During this season-transitioning weather I think it is so much more fun to wear jean shorts with thigh highs than to wear jeans. Another plus side to this is that if you get hot (which is unlikely since the cold weather is not going away and we might as well live in Antarctica) then you can take off your thigh-highs but you won't be totally bottomless! Yay!

Urban Outfitters sweater, Material Girl shorts, unknown thigh highs, MTNG platform Mary Janes, beanie hand knit by my grandma, Jac Vanek ring, gothic supply choker

Press play... And don't try to  pretend you aren't enjoying it. xxxx

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  1. How I love your style! I loved that knit whit that shirt. Im glad you have started blogging more, since I check your side every day. I acctually compared your blog with the norwegian bloggers for a paper in school. short:You know what fashion and good blogging is. Norwegians dont:)