Intergalactic Dancing on the Sidewalk

Yesterday I got a lovely package of blogger mail from Jinx Me and I could not wait to wear my new items, especially these tights.  They are perfect to wear under a little black dress on a warm day that you spend doing spins and jumps on the sidewalk pretending that you are a ballerina wearing platform Mary Janes.  If you want to reenact this: prepare to have a crowd of bystanders watch you, take pictures of you, and photobomb. 
Forever 21 dress, Material Girl jacket, Jinx Me galaxy tights, MTNG platform Mary Janes, Thrifted Bracelet, Jawbreaking chrystal necklace, Marc Jacobs Skull necklace, Gothic Renaissance spiked collar, Dunkin Donuts mint chocolate chip iced coffee.

Photos & Coffee Courtesy of my beautiful sister Alissa

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Since tomorrow is May 1st....IT'S GONNA BE MAYxxxx

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