Sunny With a Chance of Studs & Spikes

It's hard to be locked up in class when it's 80 degrees, sunny, and the perfect amount of breezy. Luckily, we've got breaks between classes where we can take a little walk or enjoy lunch on the bench. You have to show off your cute warm-weather-ready outfit somewhere other than your statistics class, right!? P.S. don't forget to hold your dress down when you walk over subway vents...and hold on to your ponytail!

dress & socks, Forever 21 bracelet & earrings, gothic supply store choker, dollar Store bandana, DIY studded oxfords .... and my sister


1 comment:

  1. You are so lucky! Yesterday it was snowing here were I live... And Im not from far north in Norway, oh no. Im from a little place outside Oslo. And its freakin cold:( I can start wearing dresses like that in two months(mabye. BTW LOVE that dress! ive got to see if i can find it for myself this weekend. Fun fact: you are probebly sleeping right now, since we are 7 hours before New York.