Urban Mermaid

The other week as I was creeping #littlemermaid on Instagram (yes, I actually do that) I came across a photo of a girl wearing these AMAZING leggings of my dreams. I asked her where they were from and she told me and I immediately ordered them. Even better, they were on sale. Coincidentally enough, after I ordered them, multiple people texted me pictures of the leggings in stores saying how I needed to get them. I already had. Y'all know me so well!
My sister and I had a little walk (legs are required for jumping, dancing!) and she snapped these photos! Also, I'm wearing her sweater.  Can we get a petition going for her to start a blog?!

Nollie destroyed sweater, Hot Topic Disney leggings, Nike Sky Hi Dunks, Thrifted Bracelet, Forever 21 Necklace


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  1. So cute leggings! I want those. I just have to save my money for star wars legging first:P
    Your sister should totally start a blog! She has a great sence of fashion and im so sick of reading norwegian blogs. I want to read more NYC blogs. Ive always wantet to go there.To the US really. Finally I could be the one in my family that speaks the language of the country we are in. We always goes to france, and my father grew up there so he decides everything. I want to go somwhere were I decide. Just a little. Well Ill start whit London this summer, but i shall come to the US. Reading your blog only makes it seem more excitning(did i wrote that one wrong? It feels like it)