Bye School, Hello Internship!

Today was the last day of school and I could not be more relieved!!! Finally I don't have to be nonstop studying... At least for a couple of months. I've had a rough semester, taking 21 credits and some pretty hard classes. But, it's also been SUCH a fun semester outside of classes. I can't believe I'm halfway done with junior year and that I'll be interning at the Victoria's Secret corporate offices this summer! Ill be working in merchandising and I cannot wait to get started. Additionally, I'll be blogging for the company about my experience interning with the brand. Once that gets started I will be sure to post links so you guys can see what's up at the office.

Forever 21 dress, H&M belt, Foc Martens, unknown purse (excuse my band-aid on my horrible burn!)


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