Leotards are for Dancing

This post is really a continuation of the past post.  This outfit was what my day-time outfit transformed into.  I ditched the white tee shirt and put on this leotard that I borrowed from my sister and have been dying to wear for a while.  Then, I added my fishnet thigh-highs to the Creepy Little Girl garter I was wearing during the day, slipped into my Jeffrey Campbell Tardies, and threw on a flannel for the walk over to the club.  I also may have added a few inches of hair on my head.

In case you can't tell from these pictures... my friends and I somehow end up wearing coordinating flannels and we REALLY like to dance.  Kelsey and Madison are pros.   I, on the other hand, end up falling when I try to break it down.  Thanks for not being too embarrassed to go out with me, guys <3

Material Girl leotard, Thrifted Flannel. Levi's shorts, Creepy Little Girl Garter, Sofia Vergara Thigh highs, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy, Thrifted Bracelet, Marc Jacobs necklace


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