Black&White Museum Trip

For a 90 degree day filled with walking about 90 blocks and checking out museums, I wore an all black and white outfit mixing patterns: bows, polka dots, and zebra. My friend Stephen and I checked out the latest exhibit at the museum at FIT, which had some really interesting pieces of clothing from as early as 1900. It's so cool to see how much has changed, and how much has stayed the same! No pictures were allowed, but if any of you are in the city, go check it out! Then we went to the MoMA and looked around, and lastly, we went to some shops on 5th ave. It was a long and hot (but very nice!) day. 

Forever 21 shirt, shorts, and sunnies, Volatile platform sneakers, Unknown bag 


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  1. I love your look ! Your shoes are amazing, I want the same !!!