Fashion Unicorn's London Fashion Week Favorites

My obsession with London does not stop at British boys.  I am in love with London's Fashion as much as I am in love with One Direction's Harry Styles (who was seated front row at the Burberry Prorsum show).  I feel guilty saying this as a New Yorker, but I was totally more excited to see the LFW shows than I was to see the NY shows.   Go ahead, New Yorkers, slap me.  Personally, I have a lot more favorites out of the shows from over the pond.  I found some more edge and darkness in the London shows for the Spring, which is obviously more my style.  (Don't get me wrong, though, Alexander Wang's collection at NYFW made me drool)

1. Burberry Prorsum
Pastels, lace, and florals (especially all at once) always make me (and everyone else) think of Easter.  Until now.  These sheer, pastel tops and skirts are nothing but chic and sexy.  You definitely don't want to wear these pieces to mass on Easter Sunday.  The start of the show was a perfect mix of pretty pastel shades in sheer fabrics, lace fabrics, and heavier fabrics.  I am obsessed with the high waist panty underneath the sheer lace skirts!  Then, the end of the show featured some monochromatic print mixing (still with sheer elements).  I approve, and so does Harry Styles.

2. Mulberry
Stripes of all sorts were the stars of this show.  There were pieces with some sheer stripes, revealing some skin, or some with leather stripes for edge and texture.  Like Burberry, Mulberry was joining the "You can see my underwear through my outfit and it's completely on purpose" party.  Then, they had some heavier darker pieces, which, for me, stole the show!  Button up leather pieces were perfect additions to the collection's earlier sheer pastels.  

3. Tom Ford
I had such trouble picking just four images because I LOVED EVERYTHING in this collection.   Everything was so textured and out-there but still very sexy and sophisticated.  One of my favorite pieces was the structured and textured white leather jacket.  Then,  I absolutely adored all the almost spider-web like pieces.  Blazers, dresses, and tops all appeared looking like they were just spun by a very fashionable spider.  The gowns at the end of the show with mirrored pieces and sheer bottoms were a perfect way to end the show.  I can see Lady Gaga rocking this collection.  In addition,  I love the models tousled, messy hair… and their shoes.  But that goes without saying.

4. Osman
This collection makes me super excited for spring.  The pieces were so fun and probably the most wearable of the four collections I chose.  The structured, geometric bandeaus and crop tops are such a cool twist on the classic bandeaus and crops that we've all been getting sick of, and the baggy high waist drawstring pants will be a perfect update for our old tight "mom-jeans."  Again, we see some of the sheer-bottom skirts that I love so much featured in monochromatic looks and fun pairings and layerings of classic button down shirts with rompers.  Inspiration galore!

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