Going To Hell

My love for Taylor Momsen/The Pretty Reckless is no secret.  Not only is their music amazing, but Taylor's style has also definitely influenced the evolution of my style.  I was just as excited to see what she would be wearing as I was to hear what she would be playing, as this was the first show of the Going To Hell tour.  Usually, I see pictures of past shows or a setlist and I know what to expect.  This time though, I did not.  That added extra excitement to the show.  Also, I had never been to the venue (The Paramount in Huntington, LI) before.  It was huge and really nice!  My friend Mella and I got there early and ended up landing spots front and center against the barricade before the stage.  
A band we'd never heard of, Born Cages, came on to open for TPR.  They were great!  Give me a beat to bang my head to and a cute lead singer, and I'm happy.  The singer even sang to Mella and I… and then came off the stage and jumped on top of Mella.  Literally.  Eventually, TPR came on, and Taylor was wearing black Latex pants and jacket, a DIY Going To Hell shirt (after the show she told me and Mella that she made it on the bus that morning), and black heeled boots.  They played all of our favorites and some new never-before-heard songs.  Two days later, I'm only just getting my hearing back!

Forever 21 dress, Sofia Vergara thigh highs, Nike Sky Hi Dunks, Gothic Supply choker, unknown purse


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