Confessions of a Flannel Addict

I wouldn't say I'm an outfit repeater, but I am totally and completely guilty of overwearing the same pieces.  Take for example, one of my flannels from my beloved flannel collection.  I wear them ALL of the time, regardless of the occasion.  One night when I was going out to a nice club with my friend, she texted me before saying, "Just don't wear your flannel."  True Story.  

Before this starts to sound way too much like "Confessions of a Flannel Addict," let me get right to the point.  Bottom line is, I wanted to wear my flannel, but I wanted to switch it up a bit.  So, I decided to throw on this little pink belt. Voila, it's a whole new, slightly more form flattering flannel!

Thrifted flannel, H&M dress, Dr Marten boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, Jac Vanek ring


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