Halloween 2013: The Galaxy

This Halloween, I went to the grand opening of the club Le Reve with my friends Kelsey (Rihanna), Meg (Batman), and Madison (Billy Ray Cyrus).  Luckily, it was pretty warm for Halloween; our jackets were left at home! It was so crazy getting to the club on the streets and on the subways.  There were thousands of people in costume, and a few drunk girls that couldn't stop touching my leotard or telling me that they were going to steal my shoes.  The club was nice, pretty big, and decorated in spiderwebs and skulls.  Once everyone on the dance floor started going, we were dancing with Superman, a cow, and a woman in a mask with handcuffs.  On Halloween in New York, anything is possible.  

Black Milk swimsuit & leggings, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy wedges


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