Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' Album Review

Little Monsters all over the world have been not-so-patiently waiting for Lady Gaga’s new album, 'ARTPOP', ever since we saw Mother Monster’s tattoo announcing the album title.  We’ve been craving new music since we overplayed and broke our 2011 copies of Born This Way (yes, we actually buy the physical copies of Gaga’s CDs). ARTPOP was officially available for purchase on 11/11, but it was available to stream on iTunes for a few days before that.  'ARTPOP' is non-stop ear candy, with some of Gaga’s most danceable tunes thus far.  Not to mention, it seems her lyrics have gotten even more witty (ex. “Mercury!  Venus!  Uranus!  Don’t you know my ass is famous?”)  
The album starts off right with super fun track “Aura” in which Gaga asks us, “Do you wanna see me naked, lover?”  and sings about burqas, traditional full body cloaks worn by many Muslims.  Next up is “Venus” which moves on to singing about another cultural topic- Greek Mythology.  She sings about Aphrodite, Goddess of love (who’s Roman name happens to be Venus). “G.U.Y.” which stands for “Girl Under You,” is a track that starts out with a spoken intro stating, “God of sexual desire, son of Aphrodite, lay back, and feast as this audio guides you through new and exciting positions.”  Then, the song evolves into a power dance anthem about feeling empowered and in control when under a man (in the bedroom).  Gaga also humorously throws in a lyric that we all can relate to about our craving for love through social media, singing, “Love me, Love me, please retweet.”  Continuing on with the theme of sex, the next song is “Sexxx Dreams” is 2013’s version of “I Touch Myself.”  Gaga openly tells the subject of her lusty affection, “Heard your boyfriend was away this weekend, wanna meet at my place?  Heard that we both got nothing to do, when I lay in bed I touch myself and think of you.”  The next song is my least favorite off of the album.  It is mostly rap, featuring T.I., Too $hort, & Twista, with the chorus and a verse sung by Gaga.  This is something very different than anything Gaga has had on a previous album.  Next, “MANiCURE” is the song that is most likely to be performed by fabulous drag queens that walk better in heels than I do.  It’s got a great beat and makes the process of getting ready sound much more fun than it actually is.

Of course, every track is notable, but from the remaining 9 songs, “Swine,” “Donatella,” and “Dope” are the most worthy of a listen if you aren’t planning on listening to the whole album.  “Swine” is about Gaga dealing with a person who is more like a pig than a human.  Though the song is upbeat and fun to listen to, the meaning is deeper, and the message is one that most of us girls can relate to- feeling degraded and put down by men who act like swine.  “Donatella” is an ode to designer Donatella Versace, fashion, and being fabulous.  As a fashion enthusiast, I certainly appreciate it!  Lastly, “Dope” is the obligatory acoustic piano song on the album.  Gaga’s acoustic performances are usually my favorite, because you can really hear how raw and incredible her voice is.  “Dope” is no exception.  She sings about smoking and drinking, but in the end, she needs who she is singing to more than she needs dope.  This melody of this song was originally called “I Wanna Be With You” and put to different lyrics during her iTunes Festival performance.  I must admit, I prefer this version’s lyrics, but “Dope” is beautiful, nonetheless.  

I don’t know if I can say that this is my favorite Lady Gaga album.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pick a favorite.  However, I can definitely say that I am OBSESSED with 'ARTPOP', and since it came out, I really haven’t been listening to anything else.  Mother Monster, you’ve done it yet again.  


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