'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

Christmas Eve at the Laderer household is pretty crazy.  This year, there was a competition to see who had the "sickest" thing on his/her phone, red cups filled with sparkling apple cider, dollar bills stuck in thigh highs, dirty jokes, and an uncle who took his shirt off to clean up spilt wine.  Yep, this is how we celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ!  

For my outfit, I had to improvise, as I have most of my clothes back at my dorm.  A lot of layering of my old clothes created cool new looks. I ended up layering two dresses: a plain black one that worked as a slip under a sheer lacy one that I wore for high school graduation.  On top of those, I wore my favorite polka dot sweater.  The tall thick socks and my high school junior prom shoes created the look of thigh high boots.  Ho ho ho!

H&M sweater and socks, Forever 21 dress, unknown shoes, thrifted bracelet


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