...And A Happy New Year

I'm usually pretty bitter on New Years Eve, to be honest. It's so over-hyped ($100 cover just to get into a club? No thanks), couples get way too into it (I'm perpetually single) and people think that their whole lives will change after the ball drops (newsflash, it won't).

This year, though, I had a great New Years Eve. Maybe it was because I spent it in New York City with some of my best friends instead of alone in my bed while my family is sleeping and videos of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles kissing at midnight surface.  

For a little party at my best friend Deena's, I paired a long sleeved floral dress with my favorite thick-knit thigh highs to stay somewhat warm.  

Oh... and around midnight I turned into a unicorn.  Maybe some of us do change right after the ball drops.

Forever 21 dress, H&M socks, Dr Marten boots, handmade bracelet from craft fair


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