Legwarmers Are Important

It's crazy to think that it's already January.  It's also crazy to think that it's only January.  That means we still have a few months of freezing weather and layering here in NYC.  One of my solutions?  An old '80's staple.  Ahhh, the power of leg warmers.  Add warmth to your legs without having to wear huge socks that make your feet feel way too bulky in little shoes.  Plus, I think they look pretty cool layered over leggings when you're already rocking a layered look like I am here with a long tank under a sweater. 

No wonder these babies were so popular in the 80's... (Or was it 'cause of Flashdance?)

GAP men's sweater, Urban Outfitters men's tank, H&M leggings, Jawbreaking beanie, Steve Madden boots,  gothic supply choker, handmade typewriter key necklace, legwarmers knit by my grandma, but you can find hand knit ones here.


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