Garnier Nutrisse Ultra - Hair Dye Review & How To

I know that Fashion Unicorn is not a ~beauty blog~ but I wanted to do a product review for a product I feel strongly about!

A couple of months ago, I took the plunge and became a redhead.  This was a brave move, not just because of the drastic change in appearance that would follow, but also because of the horrible upkeep I was warned about.  I was good about washing with color safe shampoo to keep the color vibrant, but, of course, hair grows in.  Horrible roots ensue.

My go-to brand for hair dye when I used to dye it black was Garnier, so when I went to the store to pick up a red dye, I went for my same trusted brand.  I picked out a red that looked close to what I had done professionally at the salon, and then eagerly got to work in my bathroom.  I also love this special red dye because it's meant for naturally brunette hair.  It shows up vibrantly without having to bleach it first.  

If you are feeling brave and want to change your hair color or just want to touch up your hair color (at home by yourself), YOU CAN DO IT!  I am living, breathing proof that hair dying at home does not always result in disaster.  Just follow these pointers.

1. READ THE BOX.  If it says it's not for dark hair, don't use it if you have dark hair.  Check the little before and after pictures to compare the shade of your hair in its current state.

2. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Time everything correctly.  If you don't leave the dye in long enough, the color won't be vibrant or dark or light enough.  If you leave it in for too long, you might not get the desired color.  Plus, you don't want to damage your hair.

3. USE VASELINE.  I learned this the hard way back when I was dying my hair black every month.  It really helps to put vaseline all around your hairline before you dye.  This way, it will be much easier to wipe off any dye that got on your skin.  Or else, you might be stained for quite a while.

4. TAKE YOUR TIME. If you rush through this, you'll probably mess up, unless you are a secret hair goddess.  Take your time to section your hair off properly and thoroughly saturate all sections of your hair that you need to be colored.  The first time I dyed my hair black the first time, I missed like, 30 spots because I did it so hastily due to excitement.  

5. USE A FORMULA THAT WILL HELP YOUR HAIR. Many people will caution you that dying your hair at home is extremely damaging.  However, you can avoid this by using a dye formula like Garnier that has a little capsule of nourishing oil that you mix in with the dye, along with a packet of great conditioner to use after you rinse.  I have to say that my hair always feels a little silkier right after coloring and conditioning.  

6. EXPECT THINGS TO GET A LITTLE MESSY. Clean up any dye that gets on the counter or floor immediately.  Also, expect a very messy shower when you rinse out the dye.  When I rinsed the red out, it looked like a murder scene.  I suggest taking out all the stuff that's on the floor of the shower. Sponges and such WILL get stained (again, I learned this the hard way!)



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