Boyfriend Jeans of My Dreams

I think I fell in love with boyfriend jeans when I saw a girl at school wearing them rolled up with dainty ankle strap heels. I wished that one day, I would be the owner of an awesome pair of boyfriend jeans and look that awesome.

I have been on the hunt for boyfriend jeans for months. MONTHS. I have tried on countless pairs at every store imaginable and every time, I leave the store without a pair. THIS TIME, though, my friend Mella took me to this boutique next door to her dorm where she showed me these jeans she knew I would like. I tried them on and it was magical. 

So finally, I have my boyfriend jeans. It was worth the wait. Would my non-existent boyfriend wear jeans that had these giant holes in them? I don't know. All I know is, who needs a boyfriend when you have jeans that make you feel like you're the coolest girl on the planet? 

Photos by Alissa

H&M leather jacket - similar here
Vibrant boyfriend jeans 
Evolution heart necklace 
Zenni Optical Sunglasses 
Killstar beanie


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