Mini Skirts & Skate Shoes

One trend I REALLY can't get on board with is the "running shoe with normal outfits" trend. Now, I don't really like the look of running sneakers in the first place, even for the gym. I feel like even the most perfectly executed look paired with running sneakers STILL looks like the sneakers are just being worn for the commute and will soon be switched out for heels.

However, I have always been a fan of  wearing skate shoes with skirts and dresses, since I got my first Vans on middle school. I wouldn't call myself a skater (though I attempt long boarding once in a while) but I just think skate shoes are SO comfy, especially for walking around the city. Maybe I'm biased, but I think they work much better than running sneakers with day-to-day outfits ;)

H&M leather jacket - similar here
Ramones band tee
Zara kids pleated skirt - similar here
Betsey Johnson tights - similar here
DC sneakers - similar here
Zenni Optical sunglasses

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