Why Fashion Unicorn?

I'm sure all of you (or some of you, or one of you) are wondering why in the world I call my blog Fashion Unicorn. I know I'm always wondering why bloggers call their blogs what they do. Fashion Unicorn was born around 2010, and I used it as the name of my tumblr. This is important because it was my first step into the world of blogging! I remember sitting in class (ha) messing around on tumblr trying to think of a name for my tumblr that was catchy and involved fashion. This was at the height of my obsession with Lady Gaga, and she had just come out with an album that had a song called "Highway Unicorn" on it. She also has a tattoo of a unicorn on her thigh. 

 Unicorns are mystical & unique. Especially in high school when people were more about fitting in than standing out, I felt like an outcast-like a unicorn. I dressed different than most people in school. Some people would criticize me, and some would compliment me. Regardless, I always wore what I wanted and expressed myself through fashion. 

 It's okay to be a little weird. 

 It's okay to be a unicorn. 

H&M leather jacket - similar here
Lotus Vintage vintage sweater - similar here
Zara Kids leather pleated skirt - similar here
Creepy Little Girl garter - similar here
Thigh highs - similar here
Platform Mary Janes - Similar here


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