Block Party!

One thing I miss so much about my childhood is the annual block party my street would have.  There was free food, games, and everyone getting along.  When my family moved before I entered middle school, we lost our yearly block party, since we moved to a very small street.  

I was able to relieve the block party fun yesterday at my school.  Our "campus" had a superhero themed block party.  The street was closed off and was filled with food trucks, a bounce thing, a zip line, a photo booth, a DJ, and more.  It was so much fun, and to make it even better, the weather was so warm and sunny so it really felt like summer.  My friends and I ended up waiting on line for over an hour for Waffles & Dinges - but we had lots of fun while waiting and the end result was SO incredibly delicious.  NYC residents - find the truck and EAT!

Photos by Allix Cott

Jawbreaking "Boy Bands Ruined My Life" muscle tank
Victoria's Secret Pink bra
Thrifted Flannel - similar here
Urban Outfitters BDG denim shorts - similar here
Unknown biker shorts - similar here
Converse High Top Chuck Taylors
VS Pink backpack - similar here


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