Simple Yet Effective

Ahhh, finals week.  I've been slaving away over papers, presentations, and flashcards in hopes of matching the awesome GPA I achieved last semester.  However, all this working and studying makes me EXHAUSTED, and quite frankly, sometimes it's so hard to get dressed in the morning when I have so much else on my mind.  

So, I've been wearing basically variations of THIS outfit as of late.  Easy, but looks cool.  Simple, yet effective.  You can't go wrong with your favorite lucky, comfy jeans that you've had since 10th grade (…or any comfy jeans) and a band tee - preferably vintage!  I scooped this one up at this amazing vintage shop downtown, Metropolis.  Then I added my spiked collar and hat just to look a little more put together.  Next time you're scrambling for a finals week outfit, DON'T REACH FOR THE SWEATS! Remember, as King Karl says, "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat."  Try this instead!

Photos by Roon

Forever 21 fedora - similar here
H&M leather jacket - similar here
Vintage Nirvana Tee - similar here
Hollister jeans - similar here
Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers
Gothic Supply Spiked Collar - similar here


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