Wendy Williams Show

Yesterday, I had the most fun that I've ever had waking up at 6 AM. The occasion? My BFF Deena and I were going to be audience members at the Wendy Williams show! We had to do a lot of waiting around - luckily there was a vending machine with cookies. Then we got in the studio and it was so small! While we waited for the show to start, it was like a dance party with a DJ and everything!  We got great third row seats, and Wendy was right next to me during the "ask Wendy" portion of the show!

The biggest challenge of this day was not waking up at 6, it was wearing bright colors.  We were strictly encouraged to wear bright colors and abstain from black (what a crime).  But, we figured it out in the end and had a great time with Wendy!!
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Photos by Alissa

H&M leather jacket - similar here
Forever 21 dress - similar here
Unknown purse - similar here
Vintage turquoise ring - similar here
H&M shoes - similar here


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