#OOTD & Quilted Boots

You know how they say "good things come to those who wait" but then we all say that's bullshit? We should really just go after what we want RIGHT NOW. I usually agree with that ... But in this particular case, patience paid off. I've been lusting over the pink quilted Dr. Marten combat boots for a while, but didn't feel like I should shell out all my money. Lo and behold, the wait ended me when my sister informed me of a flash super sale and I got these babies for A REALLY GOOD PRICE. I'm so glad I waited for them. 

Now they're my favorite docs in the collection next to my dark floral ones. And HOW PERFECT do they look paired with a monochromatic outfit, featuring my #OOTD tank from Jawbreaking!?

 Photos by Roon

 Jawbreaking #OOTD tank
Forever 21 shorts - similar here
Forever 21 fedora - similar here
Dainty Fox iPhone 5 case
Zenni Optical sunglasses

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