Rooftops & Chihuahua Earrings

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know how obsessed I am with chihuahuas (both my own and all in general). When I'm in the city, I miss my two babies, Starr and Miley, SO MUCH. Sometimes I miss them so much that I have to go to the local puppy store to play with some to get my tiny fluffy animal fix. It's pretty embarrassing because it's always the same workers at the shop when I'm there. I can only imagine what they say about the crazy girl who always comes in and plays with all the chihuahuas but never buys one. (I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE THOUGH, RIGHT?!)

Anyway, Vinca, the same jewelry company that sent me my unicorn ring, sent me a pair of earrings along with the ring. I kid you not, I teared up when I opened the box and saw WOODEN CHIHUAHUA EARRINGS. I was so touched! Now, I can wear mini versions of my dogs on my ears and feel like I'm with Starr & Miley even when I'm not.

Photos by It's Miss Alissa

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